Blended Arcs

Subdivided regions draw partially completed circles as pie sliced arcs. When stacks of arcs overlap each other, the machine inverts both layers, multiplies them, and… Read More

Nine Dot Thing

Combinatoric system connecting nine dots arranged in a 3×3 grid. There are 362,880 possible combinations with rotations and reversals allowed. Artistic renditions eliminate crossings for… Read More


The veins below are composed of thousands of self-similar cells linked together. Randomly distributed hormone sources alert nearby cells of their location. The cell grows… Read More

Circles Inside Circles

Packing circles into a finite space is fun.  Especially when you use lazy algorithms that place and test, rather than do any hard math.  One… Read More

Orbit Clock

Nodes orbit a central location in groups of variable intervals.  Lines connect nearby nodes.  Syncopated cycles move groups of nodes around a central location. The… Read More