Vesica Piscis: You, Me, We

A meditative geometric construction of our relationship.

This algorithm begins with two congruent circles labeled ‘you’ and ‘me’.

The circle can be considered an individual’s entire perceptual awareness. As we become close, the intersection of our awareness is highlighted. This geometric construction is sometimes called the vesica piscis.

Then complexity arises, as new ideas and people come into our lives. These entities are also drawn as vesica constructions, precisely arranged relative to our own. Our awareness expands and begins to create something new.

Each composition is unique, composed entirely of only vesica piscis repeated over and over, translated, scaled, rotated, and mirrored (although not every time and not necessarily in this order).

The resulting construction grows complex beyond imagination, eventually turning the image bright white.

Subtle detail emerges in the whiteness, revealing that the construction continues to unfold.

The vesica is a fundamental building block of sacred geometry. It is defined as the intersection of two congruent circles. The lens like shape has a perfect but incomplete appearance.

I often found myself meditating people in my life while watching the test runs of the algorithm unfold. Either my mind is good at arbitrary correlation or the patterns of coincidence hold true even in computer code.

A SCREEN blendMode is enabled so that the composition always moves toward white. A few sneaky BLEND and MULTIPLY objects are rendered to keep the interior blowout interesting.

As the drawing builds toward total white light, a faint label emerges to reveal the true nature of the composition, ‘we’.

Download Source Code

Programmed in Processing

By Jared S Tarbell

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Around 4:23pm February 2, 2020

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