Invader Super Ring

The Invader is a special grid construction of black and white squares.  I have generated millions of them.  They are familiar friends.

Previously arranged in order or in a fractal, here they are arranged in concentric rings.  Rings vary in width.  Invader scale and distribution is set to fit accordingly.

One variation identifies and highlights heart shaped Invaders in red.

This was the graphic for Levitated’s 2014 Christmas card.

InvaderFractal-23243486 InvaderFractal-51427900 InvaderFractal-54937004 InvaderFractal-283701600 InvaderFractal-510192928 InvaderSuperRing-71052728 InvaderSuperRing-82800272 InvaderSuperRing-92038072 InvaderSuperRing-96823008 InvaderSuperRing-166802080 InvaderSuperRing-200495136

Programmed in Processing

By Jared S. Tarbell

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Around 2:22pm December 13, 2014

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